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Originally Posted by Thergox View Post
Some of the new features brought some interesting gimmicks that would switch up the story line in my head. One of them (Though rather minor) was that you could only see distortions in Descendant attire -- if the Bringer made them and many people don't believe in the Bringer, then maybe it would only make sense that they couldn't see it.

Then again, I'm not quite sure how far you are in the story. It still remains a very intriguing project, though!
That is an interesting idea, but I do not believe that it would fit into my vision of the story. The clothing holds no particular properties that would render the distortions visible or invisible, and the Bringer's powers are such that they aren't hidden to anyone. Most do not believe the legend either because they believe the other creation myth -- that is, the one described in the official games --, don't believe in either one, or because it's simply so old that they've never heard of it. In whichever case, most would not automatically associate the strange occurrences with the Bringer.