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    Originally Posted by Lari View Post
    I guess the same advice molivous gave to your Shiftry works for your Tyranitar too. You won't need Shadow Claw since you already have Crunch.

    One question: is your team for competitive battles like tournments or just ingame fun? It might change some opinions like Fly being too predictable, I think.
    The team is mostly for fun, That's why I got Surf and Fly, It's impossible to play without them, maybe I will get another Dragonite just for battles, It will be so long, I haven't played any pokemon game since 2007, so I don't really remember anything besides the 1-3 generations and the moves from the GBA Games,

    u can help me with the movesets if u want, (Again I didn't played those game for so long)

    How about Iron Head instead of Flamthrower for Arcanine? Thunder Fang will be replaced with Wild Charge after I will finish HG.

    And Outrage is that good?

    Edit : Shadow Claw is Ghost type, Crunch is Dark type, I don't need both attacks for tyranitar?

    I think that this Shiftry is good :

    Seed Bomb
    Dark Pulse
    Giga Drain

    and I changed Arcanine :

    Iron Head
    Flare Blitz
    Thunder Fang/Wild Charge