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    Ah, a pointless memorable sidestory:
    I once cried over trying to get Entei during my childhood days. He was my fave legendary (still tied at #1 along with Zapdos and Articuno) and I've encountered him more than like 20+ times randomly already (most of them being on a separate Sneasel hunt, unknowing it only appeared at night ). So anyway, determined for my "complete the pokedex!" goal, I searched for him endlessly (a whole day), slowly getting frustrated and running into tears... due to him roaring me away all the time. Until poof, again he popped out of nowhere! I knew this was my last straw for sanity, but I caught him that night. I was so happy, I almost slammed my gameboy color hard enough to slightly move the battery inside the cartridge, corrupting my save. Good thing it didn't happen. Almost.

    ...yes, i didn't know the sweet-scent/repel trick by then. I was simply just "grassing" Route 38 nonstop until I finally found him. Gen 2... I still love you. I will. Forever.

    Anyway, no. I never really liked it. However, it was still undeniably pretty awesome to randomly encounter that legendary pokemon. I always get that feeling that I was really lucky to even see them. Wish same could be said for Genesect, Meloetta and the rest. I wouldn't really mind if they were roaming. Remove the sweet scent/repel trick to make it a bit more thrilling experience.
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