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Originally Posted by Lari View Post
Hm... do you how to breed a Tyranitar with Dragon Dance? It's a chain breeding, it might take longer than you think >_<
Oh right, forgot about this. Not to mention how late you get Larvitar. Hopefully, you have a friend to trade with. If not, the trade center in this site would warmly welcome you with...uh..kindness (maybe xD)

In any case, if you want a DD tyranitar, you'll need to follow this process:
Lv50 MALE Horsea (learns dragon dance at this level) ---- breed w/ ----> Female Charmander  ---.
                                Breed with Female Larvitar <--- Offspring MUST be MALE Charmander <--'
Would be a fun breeding experience for you XD

Otherwise, go with Curse (breed with a MALE Slowpoke/bro/king/Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra that knows Curse).

Hone Claws(gen5) is also an alternative, without the speed. Tyranitar is slow anyway, not like a speed boost would make much difference.
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