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Cape City

All across the battlefield, the Alpha Alliance forces had begun to push out the Ancients. There were pockets of squads who fought pockets of Ancients, and in each small battle, a slight victory was gained. These smaller victories turned into larger wins in that district. The districts falling into the Alpha Alliance meant a portion of the city was now under the Alpha Alliance control. As each portion of the shattered city became theirs, the final piece of the Stoneguard was taken as the Silver Tribe flag was burnt down by a passing Charizard, and replaced was a flag of the Alpha Alliance. All across the battlefield, the roars of Pokemon were heard, and Zane, heavily breathing in the top level of the Stoneguard, smiled in relief. They were on the verge of victory. Now they just needed to seal it.

Lyn battled below where resistance from the Ancients was strongest. But even there, they were already getting pushed back. As she brought down another Kabutops with her Crush Claw, she looked over to her right to find another enemy, only to see two in her surprise, and neither were Ancients. One who stood in front was a Scizor, one who she recognized immediately. The other was hidden behind a long cloak, but from what she could make out, the Pokemon stood at approximately the same height as her.

"A complete mess," She heard the Sentry the Sentinel say in front of her. She looked around anxiously, hoping any of her brothers might come to her aid. She knew she might not have had enough strength to fight two potential Sentinels on her own. However, it seemed that neither seemed particularly interested in her at the moment, as none of them gave her a glance. They merely looked out into the ruins of Cape City, including the large crack right in the middle, the result of an epic clash of Pokemon titans. "Destruction on such a large scale...I suppose that will do..." He said. Guardia silently stood before them, in a stance, waiting for them to make their move. Sentry turned to the cloaked Pokemon behind. "I'll sound the retreat then," He said to the cloaked Pokemon, who responded with a slight nod of the head. Sentry turned, and proceeded to do just that. The cloaked Pokemon looked a moment longer at the landscape, and Guardia was sure the Pokemon also gazed right at Guardia as well, though she wasn't sure. So little of the mystery Pokemon could be seen. After staring for a few more seconds, the Pokemon turned, and proceeded to leave. Guardia, however, had to be sure. She wanted to know who it was. She had to.

"Noctus?" She asked, to which the Pokemon stopped in his tracks. He held his back to Guardia for a few seconds, and Guardia gulped in suspense. Then, he turned around again, and stared at her. Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light that penetrated the area around them. She wasn't sure where it originated from, whether from them, or a nearby attack, or some other source. But whatever it was, it illuminated the face of the mystery Pokemon for just a second. Guardia squinted to get a closer look, and before he turned to leave, she managed to see the outlines of a Cacturne.

Then, as if they were never there, the Scizor and the Cacturne in the cloak vanished.

Guardia stared at their direction, looking at nothing in particular, but quietly she thought to herself. She knew what she saw. It was the face of the Cacturne she had long been friends with since her visit to the Thieves Forest. It was Noctus Gamble.

Her thoughts to herself were interrupted when she began hearing louder cheers across the battlefield. Everywhere, the Alpha Alliance celebrated as the Ancients began to retreat from the city at the call of the Sentinel Sentry. She silently began to walk across the city, determined to share her news with the rest of the Gold Tribe, and to ensure their safety. Another dark chapter of the war with the Silver Tribe had concluded. Yet from it, and even darker revelation began to materialize.

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