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    Originally Posted by FalseKingAllant View Post
    that's not the problem, but what I need to do in order to get the Dragon Dance on Larvitar?
    Are you checking the site via mobile or smth? I just placed the whole process in my previous post. O_o the one in the box

    Anyway, nevermind, again:
    - MALE Horsea with Dragon Dance (learns it at Lv38)
    - Breed Horsea with a FEMALE Charmander (yes I know, breeding a seahorse and a lizard is weird)
    - offspring MUST be a MALE Charmander
    - Breed Charmander with a FEMALE Larvitar
    - end

    * Aside from Horsea, you may also breed Charmander with Dratini(51), Altaria(39) , or Gyarados (level 44).
    * Aside from Charmander, you may also use Totodile or Lapras. However, both of them couldn't breed w/ Altaria nor Gyarados
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