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Alright, maybe I've kept quiet for far too long.

I have three OSs that I think that are the worst ever. Windows ME, Windows CE, and Windows Vista. Of course, like most of the reasons in this thread, Windows ME had a TON of security issues.'s virtually possible to bypass the login screen even if you have secured your account with a giant password. I remember when I was in middle school the computers in the library kept BSODing and it was mostly the OS and not the computers themselves. Thankfully, it took them three months for them to figure what the problem was...and the solution was to get rid of ME and use 2000.

Windows CE...don't even get me started on that. Two years ago, my sister got an entry-level laptop for a Christmas gift, in which my parents did not consult me first before they bought it :(. I mean, the laptop was in perfect shape and it was great for my little sister. But the OS had Internet Explorer FOUR installed, and you canNOT install anything on the computer, not even upgrade the browser to the current Internet Explorer version. The computer was impossible to use, all the crappy apps installed on the computer were the only things you can use, there was also a Word version but it was more of notepad rather than actual WORD.

I have a soft spot for Windows Vista, but it's a total RAM hogger. My previous computer was a Vista computer, with 512 GB ram. At first I thought it was the processor, but once I upgraded the RAM to 1 GB it ran a bit smoother, but it was still slow. It was always at 85% RAM. I have no idea why I kept that computer, I just had a little faith in the OS but it was just....ugh.

I don't see anything wrong with Windows 8. I have it and I really like it. The only flaws I've seen was the inability to log on to windows without a password, and their skype app. That's it. I'm sure those things are just easy fixes once a new version of windows comes around, but so far, I am not too bothered.

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