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Like everyone, I battled the Winstrates for the XP, but I can't really remember what happened. I never reached Victory Road in that run, so I had no idea that the son who supposedly went on to challenge the League is actually in the game, that's nice. Why who'd he return home, though? If he would, then I think a rematch would be nice, with everyone having tougher Pokemon.

Also, there's another family similar to them in BW, the Riches family. They're a family of 6 living in a villa in Undella Town; you get the battle the son on the first day, then the son and the daughter on the 2nd day, then son, daughter and grandmother on the 3rd day, and so on, until you battle all 6 of them on the 6th day. They're teams were pretty strong, especially for the last 3 members, but it was to be expected, since this was post-game already.

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