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Life lesson time!

As you grow, you'll realize that it's pretty unavoidable to have all different kinds of friends. You'll have dude friends, chick friends, friends who feel they don't fit in with either of those, gay friends, straight friends, friends with more complex sexualities, friends with varying religions, friends who fall in love with 2D girls, friends who eat everything with ranch dressing, shy friends, outgoing friends, internet friends, friends who you never talk to but you feel that bond with them - the list goes on and on. Ultimately it comes down to the person behind the labels. Gender won't even matter because you'll have enough in common to feel comfortable enough to insult each other and not feel bad about it.

That being said, the majority of people suck regardless of anything said above. Everybody has a bad side and sometimes seeing the bad side of a friend will ruin your image of that person. Of course, gender is still irrelevant since it's not like you can fix the fact that somebody constantly whines about all of their greedy little wants just by changing them from a girl to a guy. And it's so hard to look beyond some faults that people have because they're so prominent once you notice them. It's like they were sneaking them by you on a daily basis. Once you're aware that somebody has a bad habit of maliciously insulting you under the guise of playing, it's really hard to not think about that. Sure, talking to them about it might be an option, but can you imagine trying to bring that up? There's no way that'll end well. Chances are they'll agree with everything you say while thinking that you're a rude little demon for bringing up such a hurtful topic as "You need to change because I don't like this" in the first place.

And don't forget that YOU have flaws as well. To somebody else, you are the one with the annoying, unavoidable trait. They probably won't ever confront you about your flaws since, as said before, that's a pretty rude thing to do, but there are really no other options. Asking them to tell you what's bad about you is useless since nobody would ever actually SAY such things. A person's flaws are the kind of thing that you keep to yourself until they eat your soul and start to affect your stress levels and physical health. And don't ever trust anybody who says that a real friend will tell you the cold, hard truth. A jackass will tell you the cold, hard truth. A real friend will cushion you and let you live in whatever delusion you live in because it makes you happy and putting that happiness at risk is not worth the bitter feelings.

I forgot the question at hand.
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