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Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
I have a soft spot for Windows Vista, but it's a total RAM hogger. My previous computer was a Vista computer, with 512 GB ram. At first I thought it was the processor, but once I upgraded the RAM to 1 GB it ran a bit smoother, but it was still slow. It was always at 85% RAM. I have no idea why I kept that computer, I just had a little faith in the OS but it was just....ugh.
Vista ran background optimizations with extra resources when available. These operations do not slow down your computer, as they are stopped immediately when anything of a higher priority starts (including any user-initiated operation). I believe from Win7 on, they just stopped showing this in the RAM usage meter because so many people complained about it, not realizing it wasn't having any impact on their workload.

Every OS after it does the same thing, people just don't complain because by now they've bought 21st century computers instead of trying to run modern OSes on toasters. Also, from 7 on, there were some minor UI tweaks that make things "feel" faster (loading certain UI elements before things are actually functional, for instance, lets the user "get into" the program a few seconds faster).
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