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    Penance 'Madman' Malum

    Penance had been watching the affair silently. He saw everything... the Sentries, the battles, all was concluded now. He rubbed his chin and sent out a message, it was quick and to the point. He trusted the messenger to get the message out fast and get a response fast. For now though he headed down through the building he had been on top off, down to the tunnel that had been made and into the tunnels once more. The area was awash with water... and now was the time to rebuild. A reason to gather, but for now it was time for the write down.

    Across the battlefield while the Alpha Alliance was celebrating the Affiliates were already moving onto the next part of the plan. They did not only have stores under the city, they had buildings that had served as coupes as well. Out from buildings came hammers, wood, stone, and all other sorts of building material. They went out, already working on giving support to tittering buildings. Any fires they were putting out, and those that had led the civilians were now leading them back in with the all clear signal given.

    Some of the more nimble Affiliates were already on the rooftops, setting up the Alpha Alliance flags upon buildings. There were even banners being rolled out showing the colors of the Alpha Alliance. Other groups were moving along the dead, cataloging and jotting down information. It would all be needed for later tonight anyway.

    Though Zane might get a shock when out of the blue right in front of him appeared a Kecleon with a blue mask covering his face and a bag. Without a word the Kecleon reached into the bag to pull out a letter and fell to a knee and held out the letter to the Bisharp.

    It was simple:

    Zane, gather the others and convene in the city hall.



    As Snype readied his Detect, the Jolteon morphed again into a perfect clone of Snype. Without any words the two Sableye clones keyed in on Levina and both shot out Toxics at her.