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    Favourite Sonic character: Sonic

    Whats your favourite Sonic game?
    Hard to say, but I would have to say Unleashed because it does plenty of things right. (although I won't deny it completely fails from a gameplay standpoint)

    What Sonic game do you think is overrated?

    Sonic Adventure 2, its a complete piece of garbage. It fails on everything from gameplay to story, tone, levels, design, art direction, characters, environments, and it also kicked off Sonic's downfall. Even the music for the most part was forgettable. I hate absolutely everything it stands for and no one will change my opinion, and to this day no one has given me 1 decent defence for the game other than Shadow, Chao Garden and Nostalgia. Most of this games' fans have praised it as being influential and being the last good Sonic game, but in reality its one of the terrible ones.

    Have you watched Eddie Lebron's Sonic film?


    Whats your favourite Sonic song?

    So many good ones to choose from...I can't pick one!
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