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    Originally Posted by Spritingyoshi22 View Post
    Summer holidays at last!!! and I've finally completed my Black 2 version
    Congratz to all people who have got new shinies recently.

    I have a question. What do you guys find is the best method for hunting on more than 1 system (EG: Do a number of REs/Srs/Hatches on one system then on another, Do them all at once) etc. I'm curious as I'm not quite sure how to go about on hunting on mote than 1 system.

    I've given myself a challenge to get at least 5 shinies during the holidays, I'm not going to chain unless it gets to the end of August and I've found jack squat. My targets for this are Dialga, Ralts and 3 secret targets.
    IMO, definitely do at the same time. I find RE's are quickest. If you have 3 systems you can get pretty quick with practice, as there is always downtime while the battle is loading etc.
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