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    About your team: I don't think Thyplosion needs two Fire-type moves. If you're going to use Sunny Day, you surealy are going to take some damage, and Eruption will be weaker than Flamethwoer. If you want a move stronger than Flamethwoer, there is Heat Wave, though it's not that better. Maybe Overheat, since it's stronger than Fire Blast and it's a "last move before dying". To be honest I don't know another move you should pick, so feel free to keep Eruption if you want :3

    Lose to trainers? Then how are you going to get through the game? That's why I asked if you want a competitive team or a just-for-fun team. If it's competitive and you care thaaaaat much about EV's and Natures, you should make it in the post-game, not during the game. It's much easier when you have all the necessary TM's, items and Pokémons at your disposal.

    There is no way to beat the game while training EV's, there are too many different enemies who are going to mess up your training. If it's just ONE battle, though, you can win it - 1 EV has no impact at all, and since 510 is the overall maximum, you have 255 for two stats. Well, 255 isn't divisible for 4, so you actually have 252 EV's to each status. That is, you have 3 spare EV's points to "waste"... but don't mind that whole math @[email protected]

    Just try to create your team in the post game! Use breeding to get your starter again and don't forget the Everstone to help you with the Natures.

    (I just remembered about some berries which erase EV's. I'm not familiar with them, but I should mention anyway :3)