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    Originally Posted by super psyduck View Post
    Hey I'm getting the following error after the title screen:

    Script 'Sockets' line 500: NameError occurred.

    uninitialized constant Errno::ETIMEOUT

    Anyone know what the problem could be? I've updated to 0.18 and am running as Admin on Windows 7 if that helps.
    There's a good chance this occurred due to a server move over the past week or so, so the game wouldn't have been able to contact the severs when starting up

    Originally Posted by Strikes View Post
    Think you could add both the Rocket Grunts AND Jessie and James? Like in the Pokemon tower at Lavender town from Back in Red, Blue, Firered and Leaf Green for example. At the top you had to fight a group of team rocket grunts. While in Pokemon Yellow they were replaced by Jessie and James. Would it be possible to include both the grunts AND the rocket pair during that instance? Same goes for the other places that had Rocket Grunts replaced by the Rocket duo. If you had both it would definently make the game more difficult. In a good way of course.
    At the moment i'm trying to keep everything reasonably close to the original, so i probably wont change that

    Originally Posted by Shaft24 View Post
    Hey, I'm new to Pokemon Lightning Yellow but I already have something to say, is there anyway you can speed up the animation? Also, is there a way to enlarge the screen size?
    Theres no way to speed anything up.
    Enlarging the screensize will be possible with 0.19

    Originally Posted by Kadajingera View Post
    Hi Desbrina, i'm new.
    Good Job!
    Just tried the game and I really loved it!

    I made a list of the odd things that happened during the game.

    in order:

    - between Mt. Moon and Cerulean City there is a trainer with 31 lv paras (I've already read your answer about Bulbapedia, but I still find it strange)
    - MN05 Flash can be obtained from Oak's aid in the Pokecenter, instead of near Pewter City
    - in the Rock Tunnel there is a problem with the stairs (fixed in 0.19)
    - there is a problem with Escape Rope (I used it in the Rock Tunnel and I finished "on the mountains")
    - in Celadon it's possible to arrive to the Gym without using Cut (you can walk on the fence next to the Gym along the water)
    - the Snorlax between Route 11 and Route 12 doesn't stop you from passing trough and arrive to Lavender Town (fortunately! this bug helped me to go to Lavender bypassing Rock Tunnel)
    - in Celadon, the Rocket guy is supposed to drop the Lift Key but I can't find it anywhere...

    Now, without the Lift Key I am unable to continue...
    Does anyone know where can I find it?

    Thanks for this info. From what i remember (don't have access to the game at the moment) the key in 0.18 is there but the sprite doesn't show. you either need to talk to the rocket guy again or its beside him

    Originally Posted by frankiesay View Post
    Just played through the game and wanted to give some feedback...

    Well constructed yellow-update. Congratulations on the visuals which are great. The game feels very fresh. However like someone else (can't remember if there were multiple people) I have had issues with the game turning off due to "scripts taking too long", or crashing outright. As far as I am aware it happens when you encounter a Pokemon for the first time (as happened when I first battled a Voltorb in Mt. Moon and Horsea in the Cerulean Gym). Not sure why that would happen though.

    Furthermore battles are super-slow, could do with a bit of a speed-up?

    Right now though, my biggest complaint is that I am stuck. I battled the first trainer in the water gym, and the Horsea trainer triggered the script problem and then proceeded to save when it turned off. Now I am in an eternal struggle... I turn on the game, and I have to battle the trainer. And the game crashes and saves. Again. I sugget in your next update that you turn off the auto-save feature, and recommend users to simply save often.
    From what i've been told, the script is hanging comes from having animated battlers. I have been told that redownloading the game has fixed this for some people
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