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    Three more small updates: One, I've nailed down a early list of "basic" moves for each of seventeen types. I'll begin adding them in soon and editing movepools. I'm still trying to work out the Thrash and and Draco Meteor family of moves.

    Stupidly, I did it all on paper first.. Here's what's online, Accuracy is the thing I'm iffiest on. Comments more then welcome.>atm<.

    Second, I've transitioned to the new tileset. Here's a rough Pallet town, the tree ring needs to be drawn in to shrink it but I like it. The 2d/3d contrast is... I like Oak's new lab so much more I may ditch the 3D homes.

    Third, I've added that awesome Unreal Time script in. 24 minutes = 1 ingame day. This'll make night encounters/plant farming much more reasonable. I've added the HUD too but probably won't show pokemon on it in the end. A Run/Bike button, open Pokedex/Team/Item buttons, and a Clock are what I hope to be able to add. I might even pretend I'm on a PC and map them to the number keys.
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