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    So I think that im fine lol, sorry for all this crappy questions, but there is even A chance to get ban from the online/tradings thing?

    someone here ever got ban or know someone who got ban for using Action Replay for "Legit" things only like adding TMs/Money or by getting "Events Pokemons"

    Not that I will ever want to ruin my game by adding max stats pokemons or some crazy **** -__-

    I will use it only for Events, and maybe to add some TMs (need some Earthquakes )

    Edit : for the one above, yea it's sucks that only because I didn't had DS I missed basicly all of the events...

    I want all those unique Pokemons like the Surfing and the Flying Pikachu, the Spiked ear Pichu, Shiny beasts, shiny Milotic, Mewtwo, Mew, all of those uniques (there's freaking tons of them...