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Takumi Makkusu - ...

ShinyDiamond here! Time to get on with the story. We left off with Takumi protecting Nami from a blast by Solo, resulting in his unconscious. Let's see what new events unfold.

When Takumi fainted, Nami was devastated by the loss of her new friend. She sobbed for him, fearing for him. Then she got an idea. It's a brilliant one, I might add. She bent down & bit on Tak's neck, but instead of sucking his blood, she instead flowed her own blood into his veins. As a result, something incredible would happen to him soon.

Solo, expressionless as...not very usual, began taking steps towards the group. He's pretty scary, I wouldn't recommend being to rash in battle. He targeted Nami & Takumi. His fearsome power is like hell, & with it he swipes Nami & Tak across the field. Tak lay unconscious on the ground still, giving no response to the sudden attack. Solo was soon surrounded by a wall of icicles. These weren't normal icicles, as they were created & summoned by a Yokai. Solo tries to break it with every arsenal he has. Nothing.

Yorick, seeing an opportunity to attack Solo, started throwing chunks of graveyard stones at him. Frio, who converted an icicle wall around Solo earlier, created another ice weapon, an ice knife, next to Tak's limbless body. Some time passed, & this battle seemed neutral for other side. Now comes the amazing part. Wait for it...

Slowly, Takumi was rising from the ground, but something was different about him. A strong aura was being emitted from him, his eyes turned bright crimson red, & his hair. Well, let's just say it took a bit of a...lighter color? Tak was a totally different person, both inside & out. His face was a bit like Solo, only his hair wasn't in the way of his eyes, so his eyes are visible. As he rose, he picked up the ice knife left by Frio, then glared at Solo. Nothing was said. No words. Only...

I'll end this soon with a few things left said. Tak handles the ice knife & suddenly charges at Solo. He gets behind one of the rocks thrown by Yorick, keeping up behind it. He curls his right hand, the one holding the knife, into a fist, & punches through the rock, just as it neared Solo, & straight at Solo's cheek. The knife was facing the side, so he's not cut yet. I'll leave it at that then, just to see whether the strike hit Solo or not. Just know that, I got nothing to say. Mostly 'cause I don't know what else to say. So until then, peace!

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