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    Life is a highway. It's full of twists and turns, difficult roads, ups and downs.
    Looking back, you can see where you were. Those couple of years you sported that weird hairstyle, the friends and enemies that came, and those that left. All the choices you made, good and bad.
    "But- what IF?"
    That haunting question that everybody asks themselves at some point. What if you did get that job? What if you had plucked up the courage to ask him/her out? What if you hadn't done that stupid thing? What if?

    The question at hand, what are some of your "Ifs"? That is, what are some "what if" questions you've continually asked yourself throughout the years?
    Are there any?
    What is your opinion about thinking about the past?

    Feel free to answer any unspoken questions, so long as they are akin to the topic.
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