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    Hmm... where do I download it? It's been a long time since I played it now. It kind of feel a bit strange some of the points here. As for Sabrina, Brock and Lt. Surge battles. For Sabrina and Brock, they think you lost if no matter if you beat them or not. However, Lt. Surge knows it if you defeat him on first try. However, if you win against Lt. Surge on first try, you won't aquire the thunderstone, witch is kind of important as Ash actually keep this as a token. You never get it without losing. So it sort of feels like if you want to trigger the same events, and get things right, you actually need to lose some battles.

    Found another thing that I think should be improven too. Like from episode 8 event. The guy with Sandshrew. Honestly, I think Sandshrew have waaaay too low level. It should have at least level 50 or something. That's because his Sanshrew is very well trained and skilled. Even though the anime doesn't have levels, it should have a level that would be very high and near impossible to beat even if you try to use the weaknesses against it. You should not have to lose on purpose. You should be able to do your best, but be overpowered by the superstrong Sandshrew. Even Pidgeotto shouldn't stand a chance against it.
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