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The Showcase is for games which are worthy of being shown off. This includes completed games and any projects of a high quality and decent demonstrated progress. If you think your thread is worthy of being moved into the Showcase, let me know via PM and I'll have a look at it. This decision is almost entirely subjective, and is based on the first post of the thread only. The same applies for threads you see which you think shouldn't be in the Showcase.

So having a Showcase section is fine. I don't think anyone can argue what goes in there.

The next section down is, currently, the only other game thread section that exists. Progressing Games is for "everything else". In practice, this means a lot of obviously non-starter idea threads which tend to drown out some of the more promising projects. I say "tend" and "some", because if they really are promising, they should be active and large and keep being bumped to the top of the section.

Now, I let people post idea threads because I don't want to restrict their creativity by demanding that they must have some real progress made before they post (even though such a scenario would be ideal). Is this a good policy to have? I don't know.

I've had a look over at the ROM Hacking section, and they have two sections for hacks: a Showcase and a Progressing one. Obviously ROM hacking is different to making a game, with some different processes and focusses, but I don't think having just two sections is a bad thing. What the Progressing Hacks section does have that we don't is a sticky thread titled "Quick storyline idea thread". It's a place for everyone to post their ideas without having to make a proper thread out of them, and without them drowning out the actual progressing games as much (there will always be a blurry boundary between the two, but I can cope with more subjectivity). What do you think of implementing this?

In short, it seems the problem is that all the non-starter idea threads are bringing down the perceived quality of the entire Progressing Games section. How about making a sticky thread for all the ideas, instead of letting them be separate threads?
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