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    So I'm just wondering, which touch screen styles and user interface styles were your favourites in the Pokemon series? Which Poketch apps did you use the most? What would you change or improve on? Were there any niggly things about them that annoyed you?

    Personally, my favourite so far was in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I loved the fact that the touch screen served as your pause menu and you could simply touch it rather than having to actually pause the game. It was just so useful!

    D/P/P's Poketch was pretty useful too. Depending on what I was doing I liked to keep the Pokemon Health screen open, just to keep tabs on everyone without having to change. It was definitely the most useful in terms of what you needed. You wanna see daycare guys, just find the app. You wanna find items, just change to the app. It was a pretty decent setup.

    Black and White's however. I hated the C-Gear. I rarely have internet functionality for them so it was pretty useless for me and served as a waste of a touch screen. GF could have done a lot more with it if you ask me. I did like how you could register a set list of key items that came up as a list on pressing Y (I think it's Y anyway. I get confused with X and Y buttons...). The itemfinder screen was pretty cool once you got it, but it was a pain to constantly have to reactivate it every time you paused the game. I also liked the bag's ability to sort itself out alphabetically - it's very useful for the overly organised people!

    So I'd like to hear other people's opinions on which interfaces, be they touch screen or otherwise, people preferred.

    As always, apologies if this thread is in the wrong place. Moderators please feel free to move it to the correct section if you feel it belongs elsewhere!
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