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The Librarian - Champ de Mars, Paris, France

8th November, 2012
"Well," the Librarian exhaled, seemingly exhausted from his 'busy day'. "That sure was some party, wasn't it Adeline. Who knew that Eris was the one who would save the day? What a twist! I wonder where she's taken him, hm? You never know! It's like the plot on one of those teen drama shows!"

He gazed over what remained of Paris; in pieces, and in most cases, on fire. Of course, he expected the fight to go on for a lot longer, days maybe, but it was all over so quickly! Such a shame.

"Oh well," he sighed to his 'apprentice'. "At least our friends found some new homes for themselves. Didn't they, Adeline?"

"Yes, sir."

"Eager little chaps. Well, we best be heading back now. We've got some planning to do. Fancy a change of view, Adeline? How about somewhere a little warmer?"

"Yes, sir."

He gave her a warm smile, took her hand and with a pop, disappeared off to wherever.

* * *

DAY 10

November 9th, 2012
After the mishappenings of yesterday, new recruits were brought back to their respective organisations and hastily introduced to whoever seemed necessary to meet, but with the destruction of Paris, leaders and important members of these groups seemed awfully busy either planning on what to do next, dealing with public relations, governments, journalists or just doing what they could to try and calm the world down.

(The Daily Telegraph & The New York Times's stories can give you some idea of what's going on right now.)

Newspapers greet you the following morning at breakfast time with news of the disaster and though you may seem worried and stressed (or perhaps calm and collected), your superiors advise you to 'leave it to them' and get to know your peers more, perhaps spend the day training or talking or something since teamwork wasn't anyone's real forte yesterday.

Today is your 'free day'. Develop your friendships, powers and personalities, because who knows when the next crazed Atlantean is gonna start blowing up some other wonder of the world.
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