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Oops totally forgot to post my progress... Shame on me xD

I got past 4 gyms now with my Quilava and Golbat (since finding the others was kinda hard so i just went on with the two and now im grinding my team for... Chuck i believe (gym 5 of HeartGold)? Also im looking for the other mons which proves to be hard... On to the wiki it is!!!

Also, i'd like to name my Pokemon, so does anyone has some names for them?
I could do it myself but i'd like it when other's do it for me :3

UPDATE: I found Heracross and Pineco and im now training them to fight the 5th gym... Heracross is a beast!

UPDATE 2: Quilava is now named Turbo, as suggested by Espeon EX! Thanks :D
UPDATE 3: Heracross is now named Ryu, as suggested by Espeon EX! Thanks again :D