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    "Well I wouldn't know about Yuna because... crud!"

    Sorae rolled out of the way irritatingly. "Well, I guess that gives me a perfect reason to attack." He tried to grab his bow, which had been strapped around his back... and... wait, no... nonononono! He looked forward at what laid on the ground that Yuna had stepped on, hopefully not broken. He picked it up, the bow shiny in his hands. It was... uh... wow. It had a broken string, which he imagined was from her claws. Actually, that would make the most sense. It actually did make sense. He had been leaning on it like a cane, when she attacked he rolled, and the claws probably snapped the bow while gravity affected it.

    Wait, is it even called gravity in the Youkai world? Maybe it's called "going down-edness."

    Nevertheless, Sorae couldn't do any arrow-based attacks with a snapped string... Damn, and I want to avoid summons. Do I have any more string? He checked his bag as quickly as he could, but instead of a string, he found a roll of duct tape which he had used while camping earlier. This had been sitting at the top, since it was one of the more recent things he had used besides a pencil, a notebook, and an eraser. He taped together the two broken ends of the string. Crappy? Yes. Human solution? Yes. Practical? Yes. Does it work? He grabbed an arrow and pulled it back, aiming for Divine's back. It swerved and hit her arm instead. He cringed. Sort of.
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