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Originally Posted by Tsukiyo View Post
I feel I must point out that it sort of doesn't really make sense for DNA to fall from the sky. DNA is microscopic; even if it COULD fall, no one would ever know. It would be more logical if they discovered something that the DNA was on, whether that be a rock or an artifact or mysterious space debris or some piece of an organism [from the digital world] that they don't recognize as such because it's unknown to science...Whatever your decision, finding a single strand of DNA by itself is virtually impossible. This also applies to the disappearing trainers.
Yeah I figured that out haha, thanks for pointing it out too. Anyway the story is going thorugh major updates and will be updated asap.

Meanwhile I've slowly started to work on the game again which brings me to the next update.


This is Aspira region, its obviously not finished yet but I think its progressing nice. Most of the maps were made by me except for Route 4 and 5, those were made by xnyk, my amazing mapper.

More updates and information on Aspira region, comming in next week.