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    Originally Posted by rhettz_emboar View Post
    Name:see above
    Preferred Name/Nickname:rhettz
    Skills:beta testing,scripting(basic)
    Proof of Work:pokemon dark illusion beta tester and scripter
    Past Experience: pokemon dark illusion beta tester and scripter
    Contact Information: facebook here:
    Or PM's should do
    Time Zone (you can PM me this if you do
    not want to publicly share this):UTC/GMT+8 hours
    I can accept you for beta testing, but could you send me a link for Dark Illusion or give me more specific examples?

    Originally Posted by Bomberboy04 View Post
    Name: Sam Pettit
    Preferred Name/Nickname: Well, Bomberboy is quite good.

    Skills: Beta-Testing
    Proof of Work: Uhmm, I don't have much, but I'd really like to check this before it's released, no-one likes a buggy game.
    Past Experience: I'm in a team right now, but I'm waiting to test that, so yeah.

    Contact Information: PC or Skype.
    Time Zone :AEST