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    Name: Jason Kore

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Team: Ditto, Flareon, Hitmonchan, Seviper, Onix, Swablu.

    Legendary: Azelf

    Appearance: Jason has blue eyes and black spiky hair. He has a scar that goes over his right eye, and has a rayquaza tattoo on his left shoulder. He usually wears sleeveless shirts, black tennis shoes, and dark jeans torn at the knees. He isn't extremely muscular, but it's obvious to people that he's strong just by looking at him.

    Personality: Jason is a very confident person, believing that he can do anything if he tries hard enough. He is a somewhat out-going person but sometimes avoids people, especially if he has a bad vibe about them. Being confident and out-going make him a very helpful person, almost doing whatever it takes to help someone in need. All this, combined with his natural survival instincts make him a reliable ally and friend.

    History: To be revealed throughout the roleplay

    Other: Jason has a fear of heights.
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