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    Hello everyone! I'm Venks. Back in my day, man I'm old, I used to be quite the competitive battler who effectively only used water type Poke'mon to form his teams. Well while I've had less time to spend EV training and forming the perfect team I've been learning how to program for the past six years. I write in AS3 using FlashDevelop along with Flixel for faster development. I've made a few small browser games and am now trying my hand at something much bigger.


    This game will play like a top-down RPG without battles. The bulk of the gameplay revolves around inspecting items for clues as well as getting testimonies from witnesses and pointing out contradictions. To add variety I would like to add some stealth segments and mini-games.
    Currently the demo has no stealth segments, but does feature one mini-game if you're observant enough to find it.

    If time allows I'd like to add 'Summoner' battles where Terrich and his summoned monster companion fight against other pairs in a tournament. Not only would this itself add another goal to the game, but it would also give you something to spend money on: Monster toys and food, monster decorations(fung-shui), and new monsters. I've always enjoyed monster battling, but currently this isn't something in the game.


    I have always really enjoyed detective games such as Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, LA Noire, Detective Grimoire, and snippets of Dues Ex. Unfortunately there are not many games in the genre. Feeling a personal connection to murder mysteries, partly due to my love for Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes, I've decided to make this niche game. I'm hoping to connect with the fans of murder mysteries, older role playing games, and mini-game lovers.


    The two exorcists of LionHeart Kingdom were seeing to their daily chores when there was a knock at their door. The exorcists were given a letter, by the rich merchant Dahlee, requesting the younger exorcist, Terrich, to visit his place in Upper LionHeart Kingdom for a special auction.
    Dahlee being a personal friend to Terrich the exorcist decided it would be nice to see his friend again after so many years away.

    Upon arriving at the auction the exorcist finds the merchants gathered to be some of the richest people in all of LionHeart. The Spirit Detective was started to think he might have been invited to this event for more than pleasantries.
    It is up to you to find out the truth.


    -Unique descriptions for every inspected item in the game
    -Multiple methods to solving the mystery
    -Build relationships with the denizens of LionHeart Kingdom
    -Mini games to add variety to gameplay


    The game was designed and programmed by myself.
    A lot of the art comes from good friends from the RPG Maker community.


    Will add more screenshots along with development of the full game.

    You can play the demo by going to my website which is linked in my signature.

    I make games and write gaming discussion articles. Check them out!
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