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    Christian Davidson

    As he was walking back, Chris saw the girl he took to the nurse chase after another, some boy with long hair. He shook his head at that. However, he didn't have time to think about it as the girl he was facing earlier start to attack with claws made from water. Sorae seemed to get an arrow in her arm. He found himself smiling, finally grateful he'd see some action. Using his conditioned legs, he ran straight at the girl from behind. He managed to get up to her without being noticed somehow. Time to act!

    Chris leapt over her, using this moment of surprise to turn in mid-air and pull himself backwards while bringing his feet up under her chin. Whether it connected or not, he landed on his hands and continued to flip backwards three times before landing on his feet and stared into her eyes. "About time you show your intentions," he smirked, noticing her claws, "Impressive set of claws you have. Lets see how well yours stack up to mine!"

    As he said this, Chris felt himself getting more and more enraged. Slowly his claws protruded from his fingers as a pair of cat ears became visible within his spiky hairstyle. A small tail also snaked out from the back of his pants as the transformation finished. There he stood, in full Neko form, as he assumed a fighting position, ready for what she may throw at him.

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