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Chapter 2
“He must have hit his head or something...”

“Maybe someone attacked him and left him here?”

“Doubt it. There aren't any signs of fighting 'round here...”

“She makes a good point. What's more, he doesn't seem injured...”

“That also scraps the ‘he hit his head’ then...”


“I wonder what happened...”

Those voices are too damn noisy... I'm sleeping here I wasn't...

With a low groan, I opened one eye slowly. Thankfully, it's not bright, and I could see the green ground, and a few shadows, and a few paws. And oh, a brown paw's right in front of my vision. It's probably ‘mine’... Sigh...

I tried moving it slightly, and yes, it followed my brain's command: it moved.

“Hey, he's awake...” no duh. I wanted to roll my eyes, but maybe later when I'm fully awake.

I should be freaking out, but I already did that, if my brain's still working properly. And also, I've played the Mystery Dungeon games, so I'm not really that surprised though. The games kinda ruined the fun of discovering myself as a Pokémon. The only thing it didn't ruin was the questions ‘why the heck am I turned into a Pokémon’ and ‘how the heck am I suppose to get back home’...

I felt a tudge on the side of my neck. It was followed by a concerned voice. “Are you alright?”

I am... I'm just feeling weak an' all. “Yeah...” I quietly replied. Whoever it was that asked, he pulled away and gave me space to stand on my...four paws. “Quick question,” I asked, my head hung and my eyes on the ground right below me, “what Pokémon am I?”

“'re an...Eevee?”

Yeah, I figured as much. I just wanted someone else to confirm it. Now to greet my new ‘friends’ to help me on my ‘epic quest’ to return home, wherever and however that is...

I looked ahead and saw four Pokémon. They're all different from each other though. Let's see... There's a Bulbasaur, a Vulpix, a Pikachu, and a Rattata.

“Hi?” I said awkwardly. Even though the games spoiled me of these kinds of encounters, what I'm having right now's real, I think, and I have no idea how to start interacting with them...

“Hi?” they all replied back, their tones clearly carried the ‘doubtful’ tone. I don't blame them.

I'm still feeling quite weak though. I hope they don't mind if I sit while we talk. “So, uh...whe—iyawtch!” I gritted my teeth and jolted back up into four as I felt a sharp pain on my bum when I sat. I must have startled my small audience, but I didn't pay them any attention as I turned my head over my shoulder, and saw the problem: I sat on my low-hanging tail...

A chorus of low voices erupted in front of me. The only things I caught were ‘he sat on his tail’, ‘he's really weird’ and ‘I think he really did hit his head’...

Horay for me to have shown a stupid first impression... Wait, that was actually my second impression... Uh...third time's the charm?

“Um... Are y—”

“I'm fine, I'm fine,” I replied hastily, followed by a sigh as I lightly kicked my tail with my rear paw before I sat down. “I'm just...tired...I guess?” I turned to them and flashed them a smile.

That smile defused whatever they thought of me. Hopefully, that'll last for as long as I could make sense of things.

“So,” the Pikachu brought his small paw on his chin as he looked at me. Damn, why did I turn into a four-legged Pokémon anyway? I'm calling it right now: I'm gonna miss having arms in the upcoming days... Sigh... I can see it now... “...what happened? You fell unconscious for like...five minutes after we found you...”

Five minutes? It felt shorter than that. I shook my head. “I don't really know. All I know is that I'm...or rather, I was a hu—”




...should I tell them? Should I tell them that I'm a human? Or rather, I used to be a human? How would they react? In the games, everyone reacted nicely. How sure I am that they won't...attack me? It's a fifty-fifty percent chance. Well, thirty-three percent chance, if I count the fact that they'll not know what the heck ‘humans’ are... The remaining one percent would be...a mixed reaction?

My little train of thought was broken when the Rattata walked, or rather, crawled? Trotted? Ack, I'll stick with walk for now, and forever. The Rattata walked up to me, and walked around me.

“Um...what are you doing?”

“Catching your scent,” she replied. Yeah, the Rattata's a she. After she walked around me, she sat in front of me and looked at my face. “You didn't finish what you were gonna say, so I assumed you were afraid to say that you were hurt...”

...I guess ‘hu—’ could also mean that. Though that doesn't make sense, gramma-wise, I mean.

The other three stood beside their rat friend and looked at me.

“Eevees are a bit proud of themselves that they won't admit that they're hurt,” the Bulbasaur said. He's a he, by the way. “You sounded like none of them...well, almost.”

“Almost?” I asked with a blink. Well, we should be proud of ourselves, right? That is like, loving one's self. But not in a ‘forever alone’ kinda way. But uh...before I became an Eevee, I was a ‘forever alone’ kinda guy...with the ‘bad-luck bryan’ kind of luck with the ladies back home...

...I accidentally let out a deppressed sigh... I couldn't help it. Oh well...

“Sounds like you have a problem,” another she spoke up. It was the Vulpix this time. She slightly tilted her head to the side. “Care to share?”

Wow. I'm a stranger, and these Pokémon are actually friendly towards me. Well, I could scrap that ‘forever alone’ part on my ‘life's resumé’.

“Maybe later,” I smiled at them as I slowly scratched my neck. “I'm kinda thirsty though...”

“Well, there's a pond not far from here where Celebi lives,” Pikachu said, turning and pointing at a direction.

Celebi? “We're in Ilex Forest then?”

The others nodded as Pikachu turned back to me and nodded, and added, “yep.”

Cool. Maybe this little adventure won't turn into a long adventure after all. As fun as this is, I'd rather stick with playing the Mystery Dungeon games.

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