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Chapter 3
I've been wanting to give myself the pleasure of adventure for a long while now. I've been doing nothing but work, work and work, and barely no fun. Adventure is a very thrilling and exciting thing that I could possibly reward myself with. I guess if Celebi can actually help me go back home, then I think I'll stay here for a few days. It'll be like a vacation of some sort, but, I didn't file a vacation leave at work... Sigh...

Anyway, it took us only a few number of minutes to reach their small watering hole. During our little walk, I could actually hear quiet murmurs of flying-types on the trees' branches, either singing or talking to each other. Other than that, the Pokémon who are leading me to the pond were chatting with themselves.

I, on the other hand, walked behind their small cheery group. It's not like I hate to talk to them or anything. They seem friendly enough but, I don't actually know them yet, and talking to them like we're automatically best friends forever is kinda awkward...

The Vulpix however, glances back at me and gives me a small smile. Probably to asure me that she and her other friends hadn't forgotten about me walking behind them. I smiled back, since that's all I could do.

And so, here we are. The pond's actually...quite big. Bigger than I expected. The pond's on the center of this big clearing, and around the pond were lots of different Pokémon. Some were in small groups, talking to each other. While others were sitting on their lonesome, enjoying the sunlight on their furs.

...and also...I just noticed after looking around again... The Pokémon here, all of them, are in their basic forms. Though, I guess that's kinda understandable, in the games at least? Ilex Forest is one of the early areas the players can visit, so it'll probably be too difficult for gamers to progress if the wild Pokémon were all Ursarings, Arcanines, Ariados, Noctowl, etc...

“Well, we're here,” the female Rattata announced as she and her friends turned to me with smiling faces.

I nodded with a lame smile. “Yeah, I noticed...”

“Ooohhh... A sarcastic one,” the Bulbasaur said, poking the Pikachu on the shoulder with a vine. “Seems you have some competition.”

“Shut up,” Pikachu glared lightly at the chuckling Bulbasaur. He then looked back at me. “Water's for everyone, so don't hesitate to satisfy your thirst.”

I nodded and excused myself. As I neared the edge of the pond, I could hear their footsteps following me from behind. I stopped by the edge and looked at the fresh, cool, and clean water. Well, this is Celebi's pond after all, so it should be, and what's more, Suicune cleansed this, didn'

I lightly shook my head am I gonna drink anyway? I almost forgot to kick my tail away before I sat down. I raised a paw to my face and frowned at it. Great, so I'm gonna drink like a small pup now?

I sighed. I guess I don't have much of a choice, do I? Well, at least my tongue would do that ‘J’ shape thing like how dogs drink, or were those cats? Ugh, whatever... I leaned down and decided to get it over with.

My first taste of the water made me shiver of how cold it was. But I continued anyway. It was cool, and refreshing, and I could actually drink lots of it, if it weren't for this awkward feeling I was dealing of how I was drinking...

The four Pokémon behind me were chatting while I was drinking though, and I didn't really bother listening to what they were saying. However, after a few more...licks? ...drinks? ...they became loud enough for me to actually care of listening to them.

“For the hundredth time, no!” shouted an angry female voice.

I stopped drinking and brought myself on all four before turning to see what was going on. It sounded like the Vulpix's voice, and yeah, it indeed was her. She was glaring furiously at a Growlithe. The two of them were almost the same height though, the latter being slightly taller.

The Growlithe had a sly grin on his face. “Oh, com'on, Vixie,” I guess everyone here doesn't address to each other as their specie's name. That's nice to know. “You've been like this for forever now!”

“Lithe,” the Pikachu crossed his arms, “I'm actually getting tired of you and your insistence of getting our friend be included in your circle of mates.”

Circle of...mates? Uh, I guess that' things work here?

Lithe, the Growlithe, glared at the Pikachu. “I'm not talking to you, Shock. Stay out of this.”

The Rattata poked the Bulbasaur's shoulder with an amused face. “Wouldn't it be hilarious if Shock thought that Lithe was inviti—mmf!” and a vine wrapped around her mouth, shutting her up.

“Look, Vixie,” Lithe spoke, but that was all he managed to say when the Vulpix suddenly spoke up.

“I said no, and I mean it! Now scram!”

“Could you let me finish?” Lithe frowned a bit. “You've been playing hard-to-get ever since I first asked you out. Previously, I'd walk away when you say ‘no’, but I'm actually feeling lucky this time,” he grinned, “so I'm not gonna stop asking until you say ‘yes’.”

“And what made you feel lucky today?” the Bulbasaur suddenly asked, cutting the Pikachu's and the Vulpix's attempts of talking.

The Growlithe grinned further. “'Cuz I got my twelveth mate earlier today, and twelve is my favorite number!”

I...actually rolled my eyes at how lame his luck reference was. But wow, twelve?

They continued to argue while I scanned our surroundings, and yeah, all eyes were on them at the moment.

“Fine!” the Vulpix suddenly said. I looked back and saw the stunned look of her other friends, and the victorious smile of the Growlithe. “But on one condition!”

“Oh? Anything, my dear number thirteen,” the Growlithe grinned.

The Vulpix actually grinned back. “Beat me in a battle.”

Her friends gasped in unison. The Rattata started struggling to get the vines off of her mouth.

“Vixie, that's crazy!” the Pikachu shouted.

“Totally crazy!” the Rattata chimed in.

I saw the Bulbasaur look at me. I arched an eyebrow (if I have any) at him, and he just shrugged at me before walking towards me. “She's gonna lose,” the Bulbasaur simply said as he sat beside me and watched the upcoming battle.

I blinked at him. “Y-you're her friend, right? I mean,” why do I even care? “She doesn't want to be with that guy, and you're not gonna do anything to help her?”

He just smiled without looking at me. “Nope, but I know someone will.”

Eh? I looked back and saw both the Pikachu and Rattata sighed in defeat and stepped back to give room for the two fire types. Looking at her two friends, I'm pretty sure the Pikachu's the likely candidate to step up and help her...when things go bad.

Huh, come to think of it, I might actually like this. I mean, aside from the animé, I actually haven't seen a live Pokémon battle before!

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