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I vote for Jolteon and Elekid/Electabuzz/Electavire.

Jolteon is the electric pokémon I most often find myself using in Kanto. It's simply great when you stuff it with some TMs, it's speedy and has good enough sp.atk and not to mention it's good looking! In my current playthrough of Fire Red, it has a place on my main team of course.

Elekid is a pokémon I've always liked for some reason. I think it's cute and cool at the same time and it's my favorite out of the elemental baby trio (elekid, magby and smoochum). Electabuzz looks cool too, not to mention its stats are great at least for in-game imo. I'm not a hardcore player so I just base this on what I've thought and felt when I've played haha. Electavire, I've never played with but it was really cool in the anime and even though I'm not the biggest fan of the superevolutions Electavire and Magmortar, it is still cool enough to get my vote.

I do love Pikachu and Raichu too though... Couldn't care less about Pichu, haha. But I didn't vote for them because I want some other pokémon to get some spotlight!
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