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    Originally Posted by molivious View Post
    You could capture a Growlithe as a fire type early on. It could help you beat the Ecruteak Gym with it's Bite. However, it will be a long while before you could evolve it. Alternatively, Magmar (burnt tower, lower level) is also available as soon as you reach Ecruteak. It's pretty rare, but the long search pays off.

    You might want an Ice-type or Rock-type attack to help you against Dragons. Alternatively, you could just use Wooper and teach it Ice Punch or Rollout (only effective against Dragon/Flying though). I'd still highly recommend a different pokemon.

    Your current team could welcome a few others such as:
    - an Electric Type like Ampharos or Magneton
    - an Ice Type like Swinub or Jynx
    - a Psychic Type like Jynx (which is part Ice, too) or Xatu

    If you can't keep your levels high enough for the League, just include an Ice type and you should easily get through. Leave the last slot for an HM slave.
    Thanks for the tips molivious! I was thinking Ampharos as it's always been a great part to my team in HG and SS. In saying that, I think I'll go with Magneton for bit of variety. I'll grab a Magmar over a Growlithe as I have Arcanine in my HG playthrough currently, and like you said, can't get a Fire Stone until later (Bill's Grandfather On Route 25 IIRC). I had to trade one over from Diamond to my HG. I'm now torn between a Water type, Piloswine, or Jynx. A Water Type is usually always a presence on my team, but adding either Piloswine or Jynx would be a change.

    I'm not sure on what to use as an HM slave. Furret can learn 4/7 HM moves, Pidgeot would have Fly, that just leaves Waterfall and Flash. Decisions, decisions........
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