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    Switched up my hunts on SS and Diamond since I got shinies on them in the last week or so. After I got Machoke I moved to Route 217 for awhile. I gave up on that route and moved to Route 228. Not going for anything in particular here. I got a shiny on my SS a few days ago so I switched over to Route 8. I will post a picture when I get enough posts. (Won't ruin the surprise yet). I use a level 18 pokemon and repel for Haunters and Noctowls at night. On my HG, I haven't seen anything in 110+ hours. Moved from Mt. Silver to Route 16. Mostly just Grimer here, however, there is a small chance for a Murkrow or Slugma. Obviously I am not going to get my hopes up for the latter two. Good luck with your hunts everyone.
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