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    Kakusu - Bathroom --> Cafeteria

    Bursting into the cafeteria, it seemed empty enough as Kakusu, seeming oblivious to his surroundings, dashed inside and looked in the kitchen for some food. Although the violence and hectic fires and whatnot continued outside the school, the cafeteria was devoid of life, except from himself and seemed to be untouched by anything, aside from Kakusu rattling around in the kitchen for some food. He was knocking everything aside, from pots and pans, to dishes and tables in the back until he felt a slight draft in the room that was beginning to pick up speed. Kakusu covered his eyes as the wind spiked up to a destructive speed and summoned a wall of fire to prevent himself from being hit by the various objects in the room that were flying around and before he knew it, a hooded figure bashed into him headfirst, although he managed to tuck their head into his armpit to prevent the sharp figure's beak from stabbing him although he couldn't feel the light cut that the Crow Tengo had inflicted underneath his right arm where the being was still pushing in.

    A soft, but quick beating noise came from behind the Crow Tengu and two wings began to add to the momentum as Kakusu was pushed into the cafeteria and out of a window into the sky as they began... flying? Summoning up some strength, Kakusu covered his arms in flames began to burn the creature as the flew around the air of thee campus, now clawing at him and gusts of wind throwing fire around the air as well as blowing heavily in Kakusu's face. This Crow Tengu was probably one or two years younger than himself, but he was far stronger than his immediate look would suggest, although the flames seemed to render him flight incapable as they spread to his wings and soon the pivoted... down.... down... with Kakusu still clutching the head of the crow, this time with fear for his life as they twirled towards the ground with smoke following them in a manner similar to a Fighter Plane being shot down. All Kakusu could do is look up at the sky spinning around him as he felt the Crow's body go limp, either dead or unconscious and they plummeted at an accelerated rate.

    Right before they hit the ground, he could see himself falling right into... a feminine figure with..... a fish tail. Soon they hit what Kakusu assumed was the ground as dirt flew up in front of then, though he felt no pain and the crash-landing kicked up alot of dirt. His sense of gravity was bad and he was disoriented quite a bit. He was hoping the fishlady wasn't an ally or anyone important seeing as she must've cushioned his fall.

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