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As what Zet had said, no Bleach manga for the next five weeks. :/
Kubo taking a break before getting to the final battle.
I got this info from translations of a message in the manga, by Mangastream (posted on July 16th).
I've also confirmed this from Viz's translation of the same message.

Manga 546
Yeah, even the Viz translation isn't very clear on meaning Yhwach's words.

What is also not real clear is what just happened to the Seireitei.
I'm guessing that either, the Vandenreich's base has appeared next to the Seireitei, or that the Vandenreich has use a technique similar to Tenkai Kecchu that Urahara made to replace Karakura Town with FKT.
The later of which doesn't really make sense to me.