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@Kura - Isn't that the law from the US? I'm not disputing you since I made the very same point earlier, and could very well be wrong, but if I am correct and that is a US law it seems as though it would make more sense to reference the law of the articles country of origin. I thought this was a story from Europe?

As for those who are saying that the teachers were too harsh on the girl - outside of the context of this article this isn't quite the case. Whilst the punishment they dolled out was harsh if it was stated that this is what she would receive and the girl knowingly broke the rules anyway she does deserve that punishment.

The problem here isn't the severity of the punishment though, it is how the teachers came to discover the offence in the first place. Even if it isn't against the law for some reason, what these teachers did was highly unethical. They violated this girl's privacy and probably damaged her property - after all I don't remember the article saying the chocolate was ever actually found in her suitcase's lining (although I could be wrong and will possibly amend this after re-reading).

It's not that there was nothing wrong with what the girl did, it is just that what she did wrong doesn't compare to what her teachers did.

I'll apologize for how poorly written this post was, it's after 3:00am and I really should be sleeping right now.
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