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    Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
    That's.... strange? Because I'm pretty sure the boat is actually a magical-omniscient boat that manages to be at every place at once. Are you positive about this?
    I'm pretty sure. I was definitely curious if it'd still be there, went to the dock warehouse after the pokemon center and it was boatless. You could have someone around that stage save before Taka, lose to him and check the dock warehouse to make 100% sure, since I'm still stuck dealing with the poison gym leader and it'd be hard to recreate it with the island's wild pokemon vs mine. xD

    Edit: I also have a curious question. If I find the file with the save file in it and move the saved file out, could I start a new game and be able to switch my saved file back in and out if I decide to go back to my current saved game? If that made any sense xD
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