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Chapter 4
As Vixie the Vulpix and Lithe the Growlithe prepared themselves to battle, I played a typical Pokémon Animé Battle Theme music in my head. Also, I just noticed that I wore an excited smile on my face.

“Give it all you've got, love,” Lithe grinned. “I promise that I'll win without hurting you...much.”

I was about to roll my eyes, but Vixie beat me to it. She breathed out small fumes of fire from her mouth as she...disappeared?

I blinked, and saw Lithe smiled and pressed himself against the ground, in time to dodge Vixie's tackling attack.

Vixie skidded to a stop behind him, and cursed under her breath as she quickly spun and breathed out fumes of fire at the confident Growlithe.

Lithe jumped to the side with ease, and dashed towards the startled Vixie. He tackled her, although not a very powerful one. Vixie was thrown back, but not too far and didn't appear to be hurt badly. She looked more annoyed than ever, which completely contrasted Lithe's huge grin.

Vixie quickly spun in place, slapping her six tails on the surprised Growlithe's face. She followed it with a vicious tackle, pushing him a few meters back, but landed on his four paws with a pained smile.

“Not bad,” he said.

“Shut up,” she vanished.

I heard a sigh, and looked at the Bulbasaur who sat beside me.

“What's wrong?” I asked.

The Bulbasaur just shook his head slowly. “This is taking a while...”

“Uh, but it just started...”

After a few seconds of nothing, I returned my attention back at the battle.

The fire types gave us a very fiery seven or so minute battle. Even though Vixie gave it her all, it was clear that Lithe was winning. Vixie panted as she could barely stay on her feet, while the Growlithe just stood a few feet in front of her, still wearing that huge smile that annoyed the Vulpix too much.

“Ready to lose, love?” Lithe chuckled.

Vixie's eye twitched in annoyance. “No! I still hav—” she stepped forward, but fell to her side instead. “Ngg...!”

Lithe chuckled some more. “I'll take that as a ‘yes’ then.” His already huge grin went even bigger as he walked towards his glaring and panting prize. “So that makes me the vict—”

A bolt of electricity struck the ground in between the two fire types, causing Lithe to jump back in surprise.

“About time,” sighed the Bulbasaur beside me. “Took him a while.”

I faced him with an arched eyebrow (still not sure if I have any eyebrows at all). “So, this happens often?” I asked while I heard Lithe complained what was that all about.

Bulbasaur nodded.

“So, the Pikachu is always the one saving Vixie from Lithe?”

He nodded again. “But not this time.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“You'll see...”

I arched yet another eyebrow at him. I shook my head lightly, and returned to the ongoing argument going on. The Pikachu's cheeks were sparking a bit, and he was glaring at the fuming Growlithe.

“I clearly won and now I claim her as mine!”

“The only thing your claiming will be your sorry roasted arse, Lithe!”

“Who in blazes are you to try and stop me from claiming my prize, huh!? What!? Are you her mate or something!?”

Pikachu's glare intensified. “She's my friend and as her friend, I will protect her from the likes of you!”

I actually heard everyone gasp when Pikachu's face was suddenly in the middle of a hot train of fire. When it ended, Lithe growled and tackled him, only to hit nothing but air.

The Pikachu reappeared beside him, and placed a hand on the Growlithe's shoulder. “Bad move,” he said with a blackened face, and the two were suddenly surrounded by a bright electric shock.

I actually had to squint my eyes to see what was going on, and noticed the Rattata was helping the Vulpix stand back up and walk away from the scene.

I think Lithe saw her walking away, since he suddenly roared and managed to break the Pikachu's contact, and tackled him away from him.

“Wow,” I whispered, “what just happened?” I looked back at Bulbasaur, who appeared to be looking at the battle with a bored expression. “Hey, can't you help and stop this?” I enjoyed the first battle, but now I'm starting to get worried.

He just shook his head lightly. “No.”

“W-why the heck not!?”

“You'll see.”

I frowned. “Yeah, I hate you too, by the way.”

...and then he smiled without looking at me. “No problem.”

...I frowned even more, but tore my attention from him to the battle as a light explosion erupted. Judging from a few flying sparks of fire and electricity, I assumed that an ember and a thundershock attack erupted.

I saw both the Rattata and the Vulpix slowly heading our way. Few meters behind them, Lithe saw them, and was about to chase after them when the Pikachu reminded him that he was still there by punching him in the face after ‘quick attacking’ in front of him.

“A little help here?” the Rattata panted, trying her best to aid Vulpix on walking.

I blinked, and blinked again. “Uh, yeah...” I ran towards them, despite having no idea how to assist them. I walked beside the Vulpix, and she leaned on me for better support as we continued walking towards the relaxed Bulbasaur. Oh, so this is how we assist four-legged Pokémon? Kinda weird though, but if it works, then okay?

We were a few feet away from the Bulbasaur when a flying Pikachu landed beside him.

“Uh oh...” the Rattata and I whispered in unison.

“Take her,” I said, “I'll try and see if I can talk to him.”

I heard an objection, but I wasn't sure who it was from, but I didn't mind it as I pushed the Vulpix to the Rattata before turning around...and my nose touched the nose of a pretty angry Growlithe.

“Uh...hi?” I gulped, and took a step back.

He backed off, to my relief, but he suddenly tackled me!

“Ack!” I could not believe how painful that felt! Ow...! I think I was thrown a few meters back, almost beside the Bulbasaur. The Vulpix and the Rattata veered away from us, the Bulbasaur just sat there, watching us, and the Pikachu was trying to get back on his feet. And oh, the Growlithe's furiously glaring at me.

“I won't let anyone get in my way! Not even you!”

Heck? Who said anything about me ‘standing in his way’, anyway!? I stood back on all four and tried to glare at him, while ignoring the soaring pain on my chest. “Hey! You need to cool off! Who said anything about m—”

“Shut up!” and he burned himself up as he dashed towards me.

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