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The 2nd UVHM expansion pack sounds a bit too insane for my tastes considering I can barely handle UVHM right now, as it is. I do greatly welcome the soon-to-come increased inventory and bank slots, though.

Finished three DLCs, haven't started on Sir Hammerlock's Hunt yet. Cpt. Scarlett was okay (the Cursed Pirates are just dreadful, though). Torgue's Campaign of Carnage was very entertaining, particularly Mr. Torgue's personality. Tiny Tina's Assault was very sporadic and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

@ShadowExcadrill: I know what you mean...UVHM is indeed hard without on-par equipment (within 3-4 levels of your character). Constructors are my worst nightmare on that difficulty. Especially considering you can't Slag them.
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