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    Yeah, I didn't really spend much time at the theatre thing in BW2. I think that GameFreak needs to add on to that tremendously if they want to keep players interested in it. I really do like PokeContests though, I think that more of those type of things should be incorporated in the game. MAtter of factly, I think that there should be a whole side quest where you compete for five ribbons and there is like a special contest league at the end. I think that that would be a very fun addition. I think that there should be special Pokemon contest too like running or olympic like stuff.

    I'm really excited about the customization of trainers. I hope it's similar to Animal Crossing's customizations. It obviously won't be as detailed, but I hope it's not disappointing. I think that Pokemon should be customizable, but not like a color change or anything. Just like maybe a hat or ribbon or something, nothing too gaudy like a full outfit. There's a point where you can go too far and make things just tacky. Battle items should not be visible, that just takes away from the surprise element. With the 3D implementation though, more is possible.
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