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    Originally Posted by greenking13 View Post
    I've noticed something odd. I am now in Atlantic Cave, but just encountered a Pawiard. Now a Boldore.

    After looking at the .txt file on the front page, I noticed that it isn't the same. Is the file outdated, or did I encounter a problem?

    Thank you,

    Yes some entries are still outdated but we can live with that..

    Originally Posted by NostalgiaFreak View Post
    Is this game completed? I would like to play it but I want to play it to completion.
    Pretty much completed with 8 badges, awesome story line, legendary hunting as well ends after Elite Four battle. There is also a sequel been re make shortly

    Originally Posted by SuperSmashBrosU View Post
    I have a question. Is V-Create or Blue Flare in this hack?
    No, Gen 5 moves for Victini here. Not for any other poke too