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    I use an action replay. not for getting perfect IV's or anything like that, but for two reasons
    1) all items. on my fifth playthrough of pokemon diamond Im not going to play it for 300 hours, so I get all the items. it lets me enjoy tm moves, seals, poke balls, berries, stuff like that.

    2) event items. when I replay heart gold, I want to be able to battle Giovanni and receive a giaratina egg. when I play black, I want to be able to reach victini. its part of the story, and someone spent time programming it in. why should I miss out, just because I want to play the game again, and didn't get to go to an event? plus, in Australia a lot of the events don't come here, so I haven't really gotten access to that many. when I tried to get keldio, the local eb games wasn't even distributing it on the day, despite the fliers in the store. to do the in game story, I had to create a keldio from scratch online and send it to my game. I don't cheat to win at online battles, I use an action replay to play the games to their fullest and to get the most out of them
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