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    Ok so here are the rules of the Multi-Locke Challenge:

    1. You cannot use Dual-Typed Pokemon (Such as Gible)(If a Pokemon you catch evolves into a dual typed Pokemon, but is not already one when you catch it, you may use it, as long as it doesn't evolve)(If you're playing a Sinnoh Region Game in this challenge, then you may use your starter until you catch a new team member, since the starters all evolve into a dual typed Pokemon)
    2. You may only catch the 1st Valid Pokemon in each area
    1. For example: if you run into a Gible, since it is dual typed, you may run until you find a Pokemon that only has 1 Type,
    and then you may only catch the 1st Single-Typed Pokemon in that area

    3. Any Pokemon that Faints is considered dead and must be released or boxed
    4. You may only use Pokeballs to catch Pokemon
    5. You may not switch out during battle
    6. You may not catch Legendary Pokemon
    7. You may run from a Pokemon you have already caught before (Ex. Running into a Zigzagoon when you've already caught one)

    4, 5, 6 and 7 are optional
    Which Optional Rules (If any) Will you use?:
    rule#7 of course and thank you for telling me abut this
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