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    The AI seems smarter, but only due to their teams' better movesets. Well, perhaps they're a bit more wary, but I think that's always been the case anyway. They just had really worse options before, that their AIs probably decided that it's better to stick with "dumb" decisions.. like not switching.

    EV training is more than enough, and highly recommended. IVs are not necessary, but would help. Natures, well if it doesn't bother you... but yeah, that goes with EV training usually anyway.

    It's pretty easy to predict the PWT trainers, as compared to real people. Taking that into advantage, you could cover your weaknesses much easier. Generally, having one pokemon dedicated to status-dealing (especially T.Wave) rigs the system XD Even Reflect/LS works effectively for most of the time. Some, though, were designed to be fighting competitively like you are, or even like a pro -- like the DLCs... so the only way to beat them leads you back to the basics: a quick-draw game (first to attack has the advantage) and rock-paper-scissors (a guessing game based on luck).

    Yes, I do think you'll have to take the battles with a competitive mindset -- as every opponent was designed to battle competitively (with their IVs, EVs, Natures and movesets being modified and all).
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