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So a little background as to why I've been inactive recently.

I'm writing a novel. It's been around 6 months in the making [planning] and last month i finally got started. I'm having a blast with it, but it is incredibly time consuming. Think 5hours a day just to get a few pages down, rather than the 1-2 hours a week for the very rough, uninspiring and not-well thought out [in comparison] role-playing I do.

I can't really give you too many details about it due to publishing reasons, but I can tell you it's set in a high-fantasy world, focused on the time of swords, knights, wizards and the such.

It's a mid-length novel at an estimated 400-600 pages.

It's been a brain child of mine for around a year. at the start of this year I began planning and setting down the key story points in writing, and now I have a stack of notes over a foot tall.

I hope to have it completed within the year, including review and editing process by myself, proof reading by myself and others, reviewing professionally and afterwards, publishing in the early part of 2014.

Oh, and it will be available online through a print-on-request system [the books are only printed once someone purchases a copy, and the printing costs are covered in the price, thus I'm guaranteed to not lose money]. So if y'all like dem readings, i'll be sure to drop by and beg recommend everyone to buy a copy.

As for the future of me in this RP, it's still a possibility, having another side project which would allow me to get into a different universe for an hour or so once a week would be nice, as i'm spending almost all my time in my book's universe at the moment. [My partner ensures me she understands, so that's good at least]
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