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    Originally Posted by CliCliW View Post
    I'm an action replay user and I've learned from experience not to mess too much with the system of battles cause it can freeze up the game.

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with hacking TMs or Moves, or even making certain pokemon to appear. I don't use the online features or trade at all so it doesn't affect that side of it. Recently I even hacked a Rapidsh to learn all TMs just so I could teach it Rock Climb. I don't see a problem when it's for your own entertainment really. Plus, I'm not going to train Pokemon for hours to evolve them so I might use a fast EXP gain code from time to time. It depends on what I want it for, but usually for hacking in specific items or something. Like wanting a Steelix but not being able to get a metal coat. I see no shame in hacking one in.

    Maybe I take it a bit too far? :/
    Well, as long as the game itself is not damaged, and you don't play online with all those codes, I wouldn't say you went too far. If it's for offline play, all TMs, wild Pokemon Modifier as well as quick exp gain is acceptable as long as you're fine with using them.
    Do you think that a Pokemon needs to be strong? Nah, if I like it, then that's it, I'll take it.
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