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    More news. Sable City is roughly mapped and the story to go with it formed, so I'm filling it right now.

    More on Sable city later. For now, when you leave Sable City to head to Mount Moon, you'll run into a special pokemon.


    That's right, Flying Pikachu is the first event pokemon! You'll have to stop it from drifting away and you don't have to take it if you save it. But if you do you'll have a Flying Pikachu! It stays in Flying form via a item, balloon harness, and returns to normal if it is removed.

    Flying Pikachu abillity is Balloons!! and give it the effect of Air Balloon for THREE hits after which it becomes grounded until switched out and back in. Flying Pikachu will have a unique BST, Movepool and will not evolve.

    Flying isn't the only thing this resourceful critter can do, but to gain the other forms, two more of them, you'll have to explore the world to find them. Each form will also have a unique BST, ability, and movepool.

    That's it for now, thanks for reading!
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