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    *sigh* I really hate that every trainer cheats... What I mean is, suppose your pokemon has a status condition. You heal it, and the guy status you again... and again... and again. Until you either don't use anymore items to heal it, or you run out. Then, MAGICALLY, it knows when to attack or just keep spamming it. :I

    And don't tell me that's just bad luck, because it happened more than one time.

    Originally Posted by OT_Phoenix View Post
    Just started this game a few days ago. I must say, this is very enjoyable so far. Loving the almost apocalyptic aspect of the game. Adds an adult theme to the game. Also, just beat Florinia and I'm looking forward to knowing my character's main story. The daycare people seem to recognise me, and won't serve it..odd. Keep up the great work , I'm hoping that by the time I get to the end of the game so far, it may be close to the next update.

    Thanks for this. To be honest, I'm preferring this to canon Pokemon games so far. I hope it continues in this vein.
    Protip: keep talking to the couple. You'll see why. :V

    Also, welcome to one of the best fanmade pokemon games!
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